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Written by Josh Dodes
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In a world where invasive marketing threatens productivity on a daily basis, a good spam filter can make a tremendous difference. However, successful email filtering is far more difficult than it may seem at first blush. After all, spam now comes in so many different disguises, it can be almost impossible to distinguish it from email your company needs.

Spammers have become more clever and insidious than ever, which is why you need to construct your system defenses with ever more care. However, this presents a significant Catch-22. How can you effectively eliminate the spam that decreases countless hours of productivity without losing the same hours to defending against it?

A New Kind of Spam Filter

A few innovative online companies have come up with a creative solution to that problem. All of these solutions have one fundamental qualitative advance in common. They all move the burden of filtering spam off of your servers and employees and onto their own.

It is an elegant solution that can make a big difference. When you route all of your incoming email through these companies' independent, secure servers, they can be subjected to a far higher level of scrutiny than your servers could comfortably sustain, at a safer distance than ever before. Since these servers are dedicated to eradicating your spam, they can put every piece of email through 30 or more distinct spam filters without taxing your system at all.

Changing the Battleground

By shifting the anti-spam battleground away from your servers and onto theirs, you can increase productivity in less obvious ways, as well. By employing these spam filter experts as your first line of defense, it is no longer your responsibility to devote endless hours to staying up-to-date with spammers' latest disguises and techniques. The best filtering companies in the business make it their business to do exactly that, so you won't have to.

By removing the spam filtering process from your own servers, you can also eradicate dangerous viruses before they even have a chance to propagate in your system. They are identified and eliminated off-site long before they reach your server walls. With the increasing dangers posed by modern viruses, that peace of mind can be worth a tremendous amount.

A Spam-Free Future?

That pipe dream of the past is already becoming a reality. The key is enlisting experts to filter spam for you, quickly and efficiently. In what seems like no time at all, spam has evolved from an occasional nuisance to a full-fledged epidemic. The amount of productivity a business can lose to reading, deleting and guarding against spam can be staggering. But when you use the best in the business as your defense, you can finally get back to what's really important: being the best in your business.

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