Adware Removal Tools

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Adware is not entirely unlike spyware but it does feature a few differences. These differences don't go far enough to make them any less of a threat, however, and you should make yourself prepared to deal with the dangers of security breaches because of it. Knowing the signs of adware and spyware infection is the first step in helping reduce and eliminate their presence on your hard drive.

Spyware and adware both use cookies to facilitate their functionality. Both store information on your hard drive which can be accessed later by the server and your hard drive. Unfortunately, these cookies are sometimes encoded to transmit personal data back to the webmaster. If it's a reputable site like Amazon, this is a necessary part of their service. Other sites, however, use this information either for themselves or as a means of generating income with advertisers and other sites.

The first and most common sign of spyware infection is reduced system performance. Spyware eats a lot of CPU time, so when you find programs that are normally very efficient suddenly taking a lot longer to work, you can be sure you've got a spyware problem. A higher frequency of pop-ups is another important indicator of spyware and adware infection.

Using Adware Removal Tools to Clean Your Hard Drive

Adware blocking software and spyware removal are your best tools in the fight against identity and information theft. There are free software suites that are able to identify and erase existing threats, as well as immunize your computer from future attacks. These programs are updated frequently, so as new threats emerge, you can rest assured your spyware removal tool is working to prevent its infection.

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