Alexa Removal

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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How would you like it if someone you didn't know was keeping track of all of the websites you were visiting during an internet session? If you're like most people, then you would resent having someone keeping track of your browsing habits. The unfortunate truth is that there are programs and services that by their very nature are meant to monitor your web browsing activity in order to bombard you with advertisements. One of these programs is Alexa.

Alexa Defined

Alexa is a toolbar that is downloaded and incorporated into your web browser. It becomes a part of your setup, and once you begin to visit pages, it analyzes your websites and knows to send you ads related to those products. This is not only intrusive, but it quickly becomes annoying.

First, it dramatically reduces system resources because of the amount of CPU time it requires to be active. Second, it generates an inordinate amount of pop-ups and, let's be honest--you never click on any of them anyway. But how do you get rid of Alexa once it's present?

Well, removing Alexa is simple if you've got a spyware removal tool. These programs are designed to discover and erase threats to your computer once they are detected. Alexa is a common spyware program, and was among the first to be targeted by spyware removal tools like Spyware Slayer. Spyware tools erase the entire Alexa package, including the toolbar and registry entries.

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