Anti Adware

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Have you ever visited a webpage only to be bombarded by pop-ups? You're not the only one, and like many others, you're probably sick of having to close a dozen pop-ups before you can actually read the content from the page you visited. Eliminating pop-ups shouldn't be your only concern, however. Sometimes those ads are actually harmful to your computer, and your identity.

Facing Pop-ups Head-on

Today's web browsers include a lot of programming meant to eliminate the presence of pop-ups. Firefox, in particular, is effective in preventing the display of pop-ups, although it should be noted that some pages use pop-ups as part of their service. Most don't, however--just about every time something appears on your screen, it's completely unwanted.

The true danger to computer users today is that of the abuse of cookie technology. Cookies are little programs that are written to help you and the pages you visit communicate better. Most just offer a convenient way to save information about the page on your hard drive for future visits, but unfortunately these can be abused to create a security risk. Your personal information can be stored in these cookies, which can then be accessed by the site's host.

Beating adware and spyware can be done using special programs meant to deal with the threat. Often they are inexpensive or free, and you can download them from internet security providers. They are updated constantly so as new threats are detected, you can continue to ensure your personal information is safe.

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