Anti Bazooka Spyware

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Bazooka is a spyware checker that is highly effective at detecting existing threats. It is updated frequently, which gives you continued protection from spyware invading your system. Its only drawback is that it is not encoded to remove threats. You need a separate spyware remover to do that.

Anti Spyware as a Rule

With the Internet now being used by so many people, it's becoming increasingly easy for people with bad intentions to take advantage of the security issues and loopholes associated with various web browsers and operating systems. There are many unscrupulous characters looking for access to your vital information: your name, address, telephone number, and even your credit card and banking information can be accessed easier than you realize.

The first problem comes in the form of cookies. Cookies were created to help speed up the access times associated with websites we visit frequently, storing usernames and passwords for future use. The problem is that there are spyware codes embedded within these cookies that give webmasters access to the information you want to keep private.

Bazooka helps you identify spyware programs as well as those cookies which are a security risk. It can point out the directories that are infected as well as the registry entries which need to be erased. You can do the work manually, or you can download a spyware removal tool to handle the more sensitive details. This is probably the best idea for those who are not completely comfortable with modifying the nuts and bolts of their systems.

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