Anti-trojan Software

Written by Charles Peacock
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Anti-trojan software would have been loved by the Spartans, if only they had computers. All ancient Greece jokes aside, however, the modern computer-based version of the "Trojan Horse" can be a dangerous little piece of software. Luckily, anti-trojan software is ready to protect your computer from attacks and to remove trojans that have already been installed--whether you're aware of them or not.

What Anti-Trojan Software Does

Computer software trojan horses take after their namesake in that they look nice, but usually have a dirty little secret. Most trojans are designed to look like benevolent programs: games, file-sharing applications, even search engines. But once you're installed the application on your computer, you may be infected with adware, spyware or even a virus.

Anti-trojan software has two main functions: prevention and removal. If you're using an up-to-date anti-trojan program, it will know how to protect your computer from all the latest threats. It will even make a daily or weekly check to see if there are new types of trojans on the Internet, and will download updates so it is able to block them from your computer.

If you already have installed a trojan horse on your computer, you can use anti-trojan software to get rid of it. Unlike normal applications, trojans can be difficult if not impossible to remove by yourself. They are designed to cling to your computer like a parasite, and only a well-designed anti-trojan program can effectively and completely get rid of them.

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