Application Security

Written by Charles Peacock
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Application security is a crucial part of software development, whether you're designing software for resale or for internal use. Due to the unfortunate popularity of application and network hacking, it's important to build software that can operate smoothly while simultaneously fending off attacks. Paying attention to application security always pays in the long run.

Benefits of Application Security

How important is application security? Private consulting firms have determined that management and support costs can be reduced by as much as 75 per cent if only 50 percent of the vulnerabilities are removed from software before it is released for use. By paying increased attention to the integrity of your software before it reaches the end user, you can avoid situations where the users keep coming back and asking you to help them solve problems.

Any good software design team should have at least one person who is dedicated to improving application security. They should be charged with testing the software as vigorously as possible. This includes simulating heavy use by the end user, as well as simulating potential Internet-based hacker attacks.

Open-source software has long held a substantial advantage in the field of application security. The software community is well-known for its talents in testing and prodding software, and by releasing your source code you can expand your security team to anyone who has the time to give your software a test run. Linux, for example, is a widely-hailed example of open-source coding that is extremely secure due to the input of thousands of sharp-eyed users.

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