Computer Security Breaches

Written by Charles Peacock
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Computer security breaches are becoming more of a problem--and a financial liability--as companies move to increasingly Internet-based networks. As with most expenditures, developing a security budget is a double-edged sword. One must balance the cost of a secure network versus what it would cost to deal with potential computer security breaches in the event that your security is lacking.

Recent History of Computer Security Breaches

The myth has not completely died away that computer security breaches are typically the fault of gum-chewing and skateboard-toting hackers. In reality, as computer networks become more sophisticated it takes a higher level of experience and expertise to perform an effective digital break-in. Most security experts agree that the people performing these break-ins aren't kids, but rather trained professionals.

In a 2001 survey, the FBI found that 85 per cent of the companies interviewed reported a security breach in the previous year. 64 per cent of those experiencing breaches reported that they lost money as a result. These losses totaled over $375 million dollars, and the fact is that they're probably increasing every year.

It's certainly expensive to set up an effective network security system. At the same time, the cost of protecting your company is far less than the potential damages that could be inflicted by an unwanted attack. If your company is not big enough to have a large IT staff on hand to shore up your defenses, it's still possible to find scaled security software and hardware to meet your needs.

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