Corporate Spyware

Written by Charles Peacock
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Corporate spyware poses a peculiar problem, since it has the ability to exploit not only the end-user's computer, but also your entire network. Fortunately, specific anti-spyware software is available that has been designed for implementation in corporate networks. Let's take a look at how this type of software works to protect your company's sensitive information.

Implementing Corporate Spyware Solutions

One of the problems with maintaining a corporate network is that you're not in control of all of your end stations. Different employees have different concepts of how their computer can and should be used, and it's not uncommon for them to download programs, music or games onto their systems. Aside from the obvious "time use" concerns, their downloads can endanger the entire corporate network.

Corporate spyware has the ability to infect not only the offending downloader's computer, but all of the rest of the computers in the network as well. The results can be disastrous: sensitive information can be leaked, and holes can be opened in the network firewall that will facilitate hacker access. The entire network may be at risk for a complete shutdown.

Installing corporate anti-spyware software on your network can prevent all of these problems. Intelligent corporate spyware software exists that will rove your entire network, searching each connected computer for offending spyware. Detection and removal can be completely transparent, allowing your employees to continue their work while their systems are being cleaned up.

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