Disaster Recovery Software

Written by Charles Peacock
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Disaster recovery software is one of those things that many people only think about after they've had a problem. If you're recovering from a computer meltdown and have lost a lot of important data, there are methods out there that will help you recover some of your data. If you're smart, you'll also get yourself some preventative disaster recovery software to ensure that next time you're prepared for the worst.

What Disaster Recovery Software Does

In some cases, disaster recovery software will allow you to recover data from damaged or partially broken hard drives. This type of software is able to scan your drives in a way that normal operating systems can't, recovering and backing up data that you may have thought was lost for good. In the event of a completely broken drive, however, it's usually necessary to send it off to a professional for some expensive and complex data-recovery procedures.

The important thing to remember with recovery software is that it can not work magic. I was once working on a large project that I happened to email to a co-worker seconds before my hard-drive crashed. I was never able to get the drive working again, and was only saved by the fact that I had sent off a copy of the data.

Preventative disaster software can help you set yourself up for the inevitable worst-case scenario. By preparing your systems for the worst, you can perform tasks like regular backups and drive health checks that will keep you smiling (at least partly) even if you experience a melt-down. This type of software can also keep your systems clean and running smoothly, decreasing the chances that something will go wrong.

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