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Written by Anthony Tedesco
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When you surf the Web, you are constantly assaulted by ads for other pages or products regardless of the sites you visit. These ads help webmasters pay the cost of running and maintaining their websites. The unfortunate side of this is that some of these ads contain content that can infect your computer with security problems. These problems can lead up to a complete loss of personal security thanks to the ID information you store on your hard drive.

Keeping Adware from Taking Advantage of Your Information

The important thing to learn is how to know if your computer is infected. Do you see a dramatic decrease in system performance? If system processes that used to take only seconds are now taking as long as a minute, it's a good bet that you are suffering from spyware and adware infection. A higher rate of pop-ups is another serious indicator of the presence of harmful code.

Now that you know two of the biggest signs, the next step to take is the actual removal of the spyware threat. The most effective way to do this is to use adware removal software. These programs are coded to detect and erase all spyware and adware problems as they occur, or those that already exist. They scan your hard drive and system registry for signs of infection and make the necessary adjustments as they appear.

Stopping pop-ups is often impetus enough for computer users to invest in spyware removal software. But it can't be stressed enough how important it is for even casual surfers to protect themselves from the very real problem of spyware. Don't wait for signs of infection to appear. Take steps ahead of time and keep serious security issues from happening to you.

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