Free Anti Virus And Spyware

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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If we didn't use the Internet so much, viruses and spyware would only be a passing issue. Unfortunately, we use the World Wide Web every single day, which means there is an opportunity for malicious programs to gain access to our personal information every second we're online. The good news is there are anti-spyware and anti-virus programs you can download free of charge that can help protect you from this threat.

The Difference between a Virus and Spyware

Both computer threats are dangerous, but feature a few distinct differences. The first is the method of acquisition. Viruses are more frequently coded as actual executable files, meaning you need to click on them to get them to work. Spyware, on the other hand, doesn't need your help to operate at all. In fact, spyware finds its own way onto your hard drive.

Dealing with spyware and viruses is a vital step in protecting your computer, your data, and your priceless personal information. Your computer probably came with anti-virus software and if it did, you should be using it religiously. Spyware protection is not always included in anti-virus software so you might need to download a separate program.

Spyware Slayer is one example of an anti-spyware program, and it is offered to customers free of charge. You can see that protecting yourself from privacy invasion doesn't cost you a thing, so consider downloading one of these programs to help keep your information safe.

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