Free Pc Scans

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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If you are like many computer users, your PC is your link not only to the Internet, but to keeping track of important information like your finances. That's the beauty of your PC's power, but it does come at a price. That price is security because, unfortunately, most computer users don't even realize that their private information is up for grabs whenever they are online. The problem is spyware, but the solution is to get a free PC scan.

Using a Free PC Scan to Check Your Security Level

The purpose of the free scan is to indicate the presence of spyware or adware on your computer. The scan can analyze your hard drive and system registry and detect any code or entries that simply do not belong. Viruses aren't commonly checked using a free PC scan, but then again, your computer was most likely shipped with anti-virus software so make sure you use that regularly as well.

A free PC scan doesn't always come with a spyware eliminator attached, so you might need a separate download for that. There are now spyware removing programs that can scan and erase all of the spyware on your system accurately, and free of charge. These programs are free to users just like the scan would be, so you get double the protection and still don't have to spend a dime.

You might want to look into several spyware removal tools and overlap your protection. Some people use two different programs because there might have been a delay in the release of a newer version of one of their programs. Doubling up helps create redundancies in your spyware protection and increases the chance of catching a spyware element one or the other had missed.

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