Free Spyware Blocker

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Got the Popup Blues?

If you've been having a lot of trouble with adware popups reacently, you'll realize just how annoying this problem can be. But do you realize that, annoying as it is, the problem of popups is no problem at all when compared with the dangers of the secret software programs that go with them? These little monsters sit on your computer, passing your private information to unscrupulous individuals, which I'd rather call cyber criminals.

These cyber criminals may use this information for their own gain, and that may not always be legal either. Or, they may sell it on to a third party. Information gathered by the use of spyware programs has been used for a wide range of criminal activity, including identity theft. If you didn't realize this before, you're probably doing a search for a free spyware blocker right now.

Looking For a Free Spyware Blocker?

OK, that's fine. Good idea. But before you go with a free spyware blocker, we think there are a few important points you should take into consideration. To begin with, some types of free spyware blocker are going to be a sort of spyware in themselves. This is not a solution and I urge you to check them out very carefully to make sure this is not so.

Secondly, free spyware blocker programs are unlikely to be kept bang up to date. This is not the case with spyware programs that you pay for. These companies have teams of programmers working constantly to make sure they're product is at the forefront of the market, and able to cope with any new tactics that spyware operators come up with. Since you realize the dangers, isn't it worth going all the way to make sure your computer is safe from spyware?

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