Gator Spyware

Written by Patricia Skinner
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More About Spyware

There are literally thousands of different types of spyware that your system could be infected with. But one or two are so highly developed and so wide spread, that they're worth taking a special look at. Gator spyware is just one example. The Gator company has its Gator spyware installed on millions of computers world wide.

How do they do it? By offering people irresistible gimmicks, and getting them to agree to their terms online. This means that no one can get legal recourse as a result of any harm or inconvenience caused to them by Gator spyware. Most people who use Gator spyware have no idea of the extent of violation of their privacy they are inviting when they even allow the Gator spyware to manage their passwords for them!

Why Gator Spyware can be Dangerous

Gator spyware in all its guises is a perfect example of how we just cannot afford to be gullible and naïve if we are to carry on using the Internet. We owe it to ourselves to educate ourselves on the ways of those who would take advantage of us. If you like, we need to become street wise to the ways of the Internet.

Although they may still choose to use such programs, the younger generation are far more likely to understand the dangers of software programs like Gator spyware. We baby boomers tend to prefer to trust people. Unfortunately we cannot enjoy that luxury any longer.

It's important that we take the time to learn everything about how Gator spyware may be a danger to us. Gator is just one company that will install software that tracks everything you do on the Internet and stores your passwords and other information. We really need to be aware of this kind of information theft, because it could lead to loss of business, and has even led to identity theft as they can even steal social security numbers and banking information if we have that stored on our PCs.

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