Gator Spyware Removal

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Gator and adware programs like it threaten our computers every time we go online. They monitor our web surfing and send us annoying pop-ups to offer us the latest gadget or diet pill. Even worse, however, is when these adware programs store our important information for their own use, including our addresses and our bank account information.

Gator installs itself on your computer when you visit certain websites, and then runs silently in the background while you surf. Whenever you visit a site or enter a web search, Gator sends you pop-ups related to the pages you are accessing. Not only does this eat a lot of system resources, but it's intrusive as well.

The Importance of Removing Gator

The real danger Gator poses is in the way it transmits data. Your information is sent to the developers, and in some cases, stored without your knowledge. Even if you don't want them having access to it, they do as long as you are running Gator, which means all of your private information is at risk of exposure. Removing Gator, then, is your only recourse.

Fortunately, there are spyware removal programs that are completely capable of removing the threat before it ever takes hold. You can have it erased from your hard drive if it's already there, or you can run your spyware software in the background and intercept it as it begins its download.

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