Kazaa Spyware

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Beware Kazaa

The extremely popular Kazaa program is another software application that is installed and running on thousands and thousands of computers the world over. It is particularly popular with teens, as it allows them to download unlimited music and video clips from the Internet. Many parents find that they have been Kazaad without their knowledge for this reason!

Some are skeptical that such a seemingly innocuous program is actually spyware. Make no mistake, it is Kazaaa spyware. This means that Kazaa spyware is not only monitoring your Internet activities, but also observing our passwords and even possibly harvesting emails.

What You Should Know About Kazaa Spyware

Although Kazaa spyware ask users to agree to their terms, they do not make a full and honest disclosure of their planned use of the backchannel (using YOUR internet connection for their purposes). This also, in some minds, makes Kazaa spyware illegal, as they do not precede their activities with a complete and truthful explanation of the use of their activities, as they are required to do by law.

If you are still tempted to install Kazaa spyware on your computer (or you think your kids may be), then consider that your consider may be used by the Kazaa network as a supernode, which means it will accept and reply to queries from other computers using your Internet connection. Although Kazaa spyware claims that this does not involve the collection of information, there are obviously dangers associated with being remotely connected to other people's private computers, and at the very least, this extra activity could use up to 10 percent of your internet resources.

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