Network Intrusion Detection

Written by Charles Peacock
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Network intrusion detection is a crucial line of defense in the security of your corporate or organizational network. Hackers have become increasingly proficient at breaking through traditional perimeter defense systems like firewalls and routers, and are now capable of launching attacks from within your network. Network intrusion detection will allow you to learn of an attack as soon as it happens so you have the time to prevent any damage.

How Network Intrusion Detection Works

Older network security systems simply build a virtual wall around your computer network. This wall filters traffic in and out of your network, only allowing for approved packets to make their way in. In the past, this kept hackers from gaining access to your network.

In recent years, worms have popped up that disguise themselves as innocuous email attachments. Once these email attachments have been received inside the network, they go to work spreading themselves throughout the network and doing their damage. Network intrusion detection software will monitor your network traffic to notify you in the event that something like this happens.

The important thing to remember about network intrusion detection is that it only provides an alert; it does not solve the problem. Unless you have an IT specialist or a security software system to defend against the attack, your detection system is basically worthless. Luckily, most intrusion detection programs are packaged with prevention systems that can actively work to stop an attack once it has begun.

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