Network Security Management

Written by Charles Peacock
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Network security management is an unfortunate necessity in the age of increasing Internet-based intrusion attacks. Protecting your company's assets now means going beyond traditional security methods and adopting a flexible security solution that can defend against the latest types of attacks. There are many solutions available for network security management, some of them hardware-based and some of them software-based.

Options for Network Security Management

For network security management specialists, the most obvious line of defense for your corporate network is to install a good firewall. Firewalls create an outer perimeter around your network, only allowing approved traffic in and out. They will help you defend against traditional attacks where hackers try to gain access to your network.

Because of developments in hacking technology, firewalls are no longer enough to keep your network completely secure. Hackers are now able to send stealth programs into your network that won't launch until they are already installed on a computer inside the network. Once these programs are launched, they can create their own holes in your firewall, allowing the hacker unfettered access to your network.

In addition to your firewall, it is therefore necessary to install a software or hardware Intrusion Prevention System inside your network. These systems operate within your network, monitoring network traffic for dangerous traffic. If they detect a hacker attack inside your network, they will act quickly to shut down the attack and close any holes that may have been opened in your network firewall.

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