Small Business Computer Security

Written by Charles Peacock
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Small business computer security is far less complex than computer security for large corporations, but it is no less important. To the contrary, most small businesses can not afford things like redundant servers and software systems, so it's important for them to keep their computers and networks running smoothly at all times. Luckily, there are plenty of software programs on the market that can help any small business to establish a tough line of security.

How to Establish Small Business Computer Security

Whether your small business is running off of a single server or a set of networked machines, it is crucial that you maintain regular backups of your important information. This can mean burning files to disc at the end of each day, or simply keeping a copy on a different machine in the event that one of them fails. Since we all tend to get lazy with data backup, you can also install software that will prompt you to do it automatically.

Securing your network is another crucial aspect of small business computer security. Just because you're not a multi-national corporate doesn't mean you aren't a potential target for hackers. Hackers often scan for potential victims simply by using IP ranges, which means that anyone can fall victim. It is important to set up a firewall that keeps your ports closed and that only allows in the traffic that you've permitted.

Finally, anti-virus and anti-spyware software can go a long way towards establishing good small business computer security. There's nothing worse than being crippled by a virus that came from a seemingly innocuous email attachment. Installing protection software before you have a problem is crucial in keeping your systems running smoothly.

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