Spy Cleaner

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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What exactly happens when you access a website? The graphics and interface are loaded, and then they are both displayed. But also during this process, the occasional cookie may be created as well. Cookies are typically harmless, and serve to speed browser use. But some are actually dangerous little packets that can send your private information to people who simply shouldn't have access to it.

Cleaning Your System of Spyware

Cleaning up after a spyware infection can be a severe headache. This is because spyware not only installs programs that monitor your browser habits and send you pop-ups, but it also sets itself to run when you boot up your computer, requiring registry entries as well. If you don't erase all signs of the spyware, you'll still run into performance issues.

The best way to clean your hard drive of spyware is to use a spyware cleaning program. These programs, and others like them, are capable of detecting spyware that is currently present on your PC. If you set them to run on you computer constantly, these programs can actually intercept threats before they ever take hold.

Most importantly, these programs are capable of completely erasing all signs of spyware infection. They scour your hard drive and registry and eliminate all associated entries. It takes very little processor power, so even running the spyware eliminator in the background takes up very little available CPU performance.

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