Spyware Blocker

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Spyware is a serious problem today--millions of Americans suffer from their presence without ever knowing it's there. This makes the threat even more urgent, because people are gaining access to your private information every minute of every day. Stopping them before they can ever see personal information should be your top priority every time you use your computer.

Spyware Elimination as a Rule

Whenever you log onto the Internet, you should be using some form of spyware blocker to stop the flow of malicious cookies and downloads to your computer. Most programs can run resident in your system and scan and monitor all incoming cookies and downloads for spyware content.

Spyware drives down your system performance dramatically because these little programs are constantly monitoring your internet traffic, as well as all of the keywords and input you enter into the pages you visit. This means that even the smallest detail about your web habits can become public knowledge. No one wants to have someone know the pages they've visited, if for no other reason than the hope for privacy.

Many of these programs, incredibly, are free to use. There is no cost whatsoever to download and run these programs, and they are maintained and updated regularly to provide continued protection against spyware intrusion. Even if you think your computer is just fine, you should absolutely give one of these programs a try and see for yourself. The chances your computer is infected are higher than you think.

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