Spyware Slayer

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Spyware is one of the number one threats facing PC users today. The unfortunate truth is that many computer users don't even know they face a constant onslaught by unscrupulous programs and webmasters looking to gain access to their personal information. The good news is that there are programs like Spyware Slayer working overtime to ensure the threat is eliminated.

Using Spyware Slayer

Spyware Slayer is one of the many spyware removal tools available to PC users. It is written to protect against continued infection by spyware, while also eliminating those spyware applications that are already present. Best of all, the software is free. This makes it possible to protect yourself from privacy invasion without having to pay a dime.

Why do companies elicit the use of spyware? The main reason is to determine ad traffic, which in and of itself is relatively harmless. These companies seek to determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, there are spyware applications that are meant to read your personal information or read the cookies you have saved on your computer and send that data to people who simply shouldn't have it.

In addition to Spyware Slayer, you can find a number of other popular and powerful spyware removal tools. Spybot is one of the most impressive, because of the level of support available for it. It's updated every week, and sometimes daily depending on the presence of new threats. It, like Spyware Slayer, is free of charge as well.

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