Spyware Solutions

Written by Charles Peacock
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Spyware solutions are sought out by more and more internet users each day. Even those who barely have an inkling of what spyware is might very well be engaged in a battle with pesky spyware programs over the health and security of their computers. Spyware solutions are the only way for us to protect our computers from this devious, infiltrating type of software.

What is spyware? Put simply, spyware is a type of software installed (most of the time unwittingly) on your computer that tracks your personal information and web-browsing habits. There are all sorts of reasons spyware is used, some more devious than others. Collecting personal information for marketing purposes is basically the most common function for spyware programs.

How to Tell if You Need Spyware Solutions

The best rule in dealing with spyware is to assume that your computer is infected. Spyware solutions are easy to use, extremely affordable (in many cases free) and can protect you and your computer from many different types of threats. Even if buying an anti-spyware program costs you a few dollars, you'll be glad in the long run.

In many cases, it's very difficult--if not impossible--to detect if spyware is installed on your computer. The people who design these types of programs go to great lengths to make sure their software goes undetected. The longer their spyware programs stay on your computer, the more information they are able to gather and send back to the person doing the spying. So it quite literally pays for them to devise undetectable software.

There are a few obvious ways to detect if your computer is running spyware. By pressing Alt-Control-Delete on any Windows PC, you can see which processes are running on your computer. If your process list is clogged with unrecognizable applications, they very well might be spyware programs. In this case it's a good idea to start looking for spyware solutions to clean up your computer.

Preventative Spyware Solutions

The best defense against spyware is preventative action. By blocking spyware from your computer before it is installed, you're less likely to fall victim to targeted advertising and even identity theft. Firewalls, anti-virus programs and security programs are all spyware solutions that can help prevent problems before they happen.

If you're an Internet Explorer user (as the great majority of us are), make sure your security settings are set to at least the medium level. This will prevent most spyware programs from installing themselves on your computer. Don't assume that this will completely protect your computer, however--many types of spyware are designed to work around this common line of defense.

Another great way to avoid infecting your computer with spyware (and to avoid having to use spyware solutions) is to be very, very careful about what programs you install on your computer. When you download programs from the Internet, they may have spyware programs attached. By simply installing a free game or gambling program on your computer, you may be infecting it with all sorts of spyware. Only download programs from trusted software vendors.

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