Vulnerability Assessment

Written by Charles Peacock
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Vulnerability assessment is the best way for you to diagnose potential problems with your corporate network before they turn into a serious liability. If you're interested in performing a vulnerability assessment on your network, there are many types of software available on the market that will help you do it automatically. Most of these software packages are able to simulate the latest types of hacker attacks, so you can determine if you need to upgrade your security systems.

Performing Vulnerability Assessment on Your Network

If your company has a simple intranet with a single Internet connection, your potential vulnerabilities are fewer. A good assessment will scan all of your client computers for holes, and will assess your outer firewall to make sure it is strong enough to protect the interior network. Because you have fewer access points to the outside world, it is easier to keep this type of network protected.

If your company has an e-commerce site and regularly allows clients to connect to your network, the task of maintaining network security becomes far more difficult. In situations like these, it is impossible for your security software to operate on all client machines, since some of your clients are outside of the corporate structure. As a result, it's increasingly important to have internal systems that are able to fight against attacks from within.

It is important to remember that not all vulnerability assessment software is equal. In reading software tests and reviews, I found that many popular types of assessment software missed crucial vulnerabilities in their tests. For this reason, it's important to use an up-to-date, highly rated software program that will leave no stone unturned. In the world of network security, it only takes a small opening to create an enormous problem.

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