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California Tax Form

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Understanding the California Tax Form

If you're worried about the changes in California tax laws, you can find the appropriate tax information booklet online. Each booklet has detailed information about how to fill out a specific form, and includes an explanation of changes on the first page. You will find information about changes in several credits and a notation that the state is conforming to Federal IRS regulations.

One of the most important items to determine is which California tax form you should use based on residency. Factors that affect which form is right for you include when and how long you lived in the state and the source of your income. If you were a resident the entire year, you will use a different form from someone who resided in California for only a few months. Part-time residents will be required to pay taxes on income earned while they lived in California. There are other residency issues as well, and they can get pretty complicated.

There's Another Way to Go

If you're having difficulty understanding what residency category you fall into, you do have other options in terms of choosing and completing your California tax form. You can elect to find an online tax filing company that will help you through the process, taking you step-by-step through the appropriate questions that will get you to the right form. Once you have followed instructions and are on the right track, the rest is fairly easy.

Think about it; how many times have you completed your state tax form and then wondered if you had missed any legal deductions or credits? With an online tax preparation program, all of that work is done for you. You can even get online answers to your personal questions, either by email or phone service. In addition, many of these companies offer several types of guarantee to give you even more confidence in the correctness of your return. Best of all, filing online usually means a faster return!

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