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Electronic Tax Filing Online

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Tax Option - Electronic Tax Filing Online

Electronic Tax filing online is becoming more popular every year. Last year, the number of taxpayers who took advantage of this powerful new option was over 53 million. When you join that group, you'll be able to complete your tax in far less time and with much less stress.

The simple fact that you're doing your taxes in the comfort of your own home reduces stress. Knowing that you will have access to online support if you need it can be a real help as well. Most online tax preparation websites offer tips on every page and the option to contact a live tax expert if you choose.

Electronic Tax Filing Online This Year

If you do your filing online this year, you won't have to do all the calculations you've done in the past. Once you enter the data from your tax documents, the program will not only add everything up for you, it may also help you to find deductions you didn't know you could take. You will also have the advantage of a review of your entries when you get to the end of your return. The review can find errors on your return so that you can correct them before they get to the IRS.

Many programs can import the data from your tax documents, reducing even further the number of entries you have to make. Your tax preparation program will also do your state tax return for an additional fee. The state return takes very little time because the program will export your data directly to the state form, again reducing the work for you. When your return is filed, the IRS will send you a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours, and your refund can be direct deposited to your account within a few days.

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