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Federal Income Tax Refund

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Are You Due a Federal Income Tax Refund?

If you think you have a Federal income tax refund coming, you should definitely try out the latest filing method--efiling. The reasons are simple. If you prepare your tax return online, you'll discover that it is much easier and faster than doing it on paper has ever been. This is because the program will ask all the right questions. Your part is simply to provide the answers.

Ok, so the process is easier. Doing it in your own home means that you can get up and go find missing documents without making a second visit to your accountant or professional tax preparer. You also have a much better chance of getting your return done right than you would if you were doing it on paper. You even have two filing options including printing and mailing your return or filing it online using an electronic signature.

Get Your Federal Income Tax Refund Fast

One great thing about doing your taxes online is that you will have much more knowledge and support than you would have doing it on the dining room table surrounded by receipts and forms. The program will ask you questions and you will fill in the answers. In addition, the program will take a look at your completed return to see if there are any glaring errors, and it will help you to find legitimate ways to maximize your refund.

When you finish your return, you will be asked whether you want to file electronically or to send a paper copy. If you choose to file electronically, you will be asked to enter the data from a specific line of your previous year's tax return. Then the return will be sent to the IRS and you will receive a confirmation of receipt within a day or so. If you have elected the direct deposit option, you'll be surprised at how quickly your refund will be in your account!

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