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File Tax Online

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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How to File Tax Online

If you want to file tax online this year, you will have two options available to you. First, you can prepare your return directly on the Internet using an online tax preparation vendor. Second, you can purchase tax preparation software, often from tax names you know, such as H & R Block. The software allows you to complete your tax return on your computer and then offers you the option of filing online.

Both of these options offer you several major advantages. When you first enter the programs, you will be asked for personal information required for your return. Then you will be asked questions that will help you to determine which Federal form you should use. Finally, you'll be asked to enter specific data from your tax documents, and the program will do all of the calculations for you. You won't have to search through tax tables because most of the programs will display your tax return or amount due status as you navigate through the return.

File Tax Online This Year

No matter which method of tax filing you choose, you will still have to gather the appropriate documents beforehand in order to enter the data onto a paper form or into your computer. One of the advantages of filing online is that the program may ask a question that reminds you about a deduction you had forgotten, and you'll be right at home where you can get the documents you need. You can also take a break any time you like and can go back to the same line on your return later.

If you file your taxes online, you can take advantage of the cost savings often associated with filing both Federal and state taxes in one place. You will also have the benefit of a computerized review of your completed return. The review is designed to look for any data entry errors or unusual entries that could slow your refund. Finally, you will even get a confirmation of receipt from the IRS within a day or so of submitting your return. If you have a refund due to you, it should arrive in your checking or savings account within just a few days.

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