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H R Block Tax Preparation

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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H R Block Tax Preparation Online

H R Block tax preparation offers three levels of service online. Each level, including the least expensive, gives you a guarantee of accurate calculations and asks you questions about your tax data. The program will select the forms you need to use and will check for errors.

Each higher level includes additional services such as virtual assistants that help you find deductions or minimize your amount due. With the highest level, you also get a tax professional who will review your return and check for errors. For a small additional fee, you can even enjoy the services of a live tax professional who will respond to your questions within 48 hours by phone or email.

State Tax Returns

H R Block tax preparation services also include the option to add your state tax return to the process for an added fee. If you've been doing both Federal and state forms manually, you'll be delighted at the ease with which your state form can be completed. This is because the software will export your tax data from your Federal form to your state form in seconds.

In addition to preparing your taxes online, you can also find other products available on the H R Block website. For example, as noted above, you can actually have a tax professional answer your specific questions. You can also purchase DeductionPro software. H R Block's Premium program even offers to sign and e-file your tax return with a guarantee that, if you are audited, an H R Block representative will go with you.

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