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Income Tax Electronic Filing

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Try Income Tax Electronic Filing

This is a great time to be considering how you want to do your taxes for 2003. That's because the latest tax filing option is so exciting. With income tax electronic filing you can enjoy the ease of being guided through an online program and the pleasure of getting your refund much quicker. At the same time, as you answer the online questions, you may find that the program can alert you to additional deductions you may not have known you could claim.

One of the best parts about e-filing is the simplicity of the process. Once you've done the legwork of gathering your tax information documents, the rest is a matter of entering data from those documents into boxes or fields designated by the program. You may have to do some math, such as adding up your charitable donations or medical expenses, but the rest of the calculations will be done for you by the program.

A Better Way to Go

Income tax electronic filing offers you a process of checking your return for accuracy. If the program finds any entries that appear to be unusual or an error, it will alert you so that you will be able verify your entry. This added step allows you to be even more confident that your tax return is correct.

As noted above, you can almost certainly get your tax refund quicker. If you're wondering how the online tax filing company can get your W2 information, the answer is simple. The IRS accepts the information from your tax documents that you enter into the program form. This is because they will have corresponding documents from employers and banks that will confirm your entries. As for a signature, the program will ask you for a specific piece of data from your previous year's return, and your correct response is adequate for the IRS. Using the direct deposit option, you will be able to get your refund as quickly as possible.

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