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Individual Income Tax Return

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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It's Individual Income Tax Return Time Again

Depending on whether we're getting a great refund or not, those are awful words to hear. Individual income tax return time means dragging out the receipts, waiting for the W2s, 1099s, and any other tax documents for which we qualify. It also means deciding which way to file.

This year, you might consider filing your taxes the way 53 million people did last year--online. If you were addicted to doing your taxes on a paper form, sitting at the dining room table, surrounded by piles of little papers, you wouldn't be at this website. Congratulations, chances are really good that you're going to be very happy with your choice.

Individual Income Tax Return Options

It's pretty simple. Filing online will be a huge change from what you've been doing. It will probably be faster. It will definitely be easier because your program will guide you through each step. It will not be so lonely because most online programs also offer email and phone support when you need it.

Another option you have for efiling is to purchase a tax preparation software product. Many of these are presented by major tax companies such as H & R Block, so you can rely on their quality. With tax software, you can still file online, and still experience the advantage of a quick refund by selecting the direct deposit option.

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