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Irs Filing

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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It's Irs Filing Time

The Irs filing deadline is coming faster than you might think. That's why, around this time of the year, millions of Americans start to get tax jitters. Tax jitters is a condition caused by uncertainty and fear of failure. You may know what that's like; wondering which form you'll have to use this year, avoiding the collection of the necessary tax documents, panicking at the thought of all the math, and fearing to make an unwitting error that might land you in hot water or cost you unnecessary tax dollars.

There may be a way to minimize or even eliminate the stress, the fear, and the elevated blood pressure this year. You're already on the Internet, so you've probably heard that there are alternatives to the tax return preparation methods you may have been using since your first job. You're right. In the last few years, more and more taxpayers are turning to the Internet for a better solution to their tax filing challenges.

Best Irs Filing Option

Last year, 53 million Americans filed their taxes electronically. Most of them, and possibly millions more, will file online this year. The reasons for that huge number are simple. Filing online (E filing) is easier, faster, less expensive, and often more accurate than doing your taxes by hand and depositing a paper return in a mailbox.

Unless your taxes are incredibly complex, which means you would already have a staff of accountants taking care of them, you will be delighted with the advantages of online filing. If, for example, you complete your return online, you will do so by simply filling in the data from your W-2s and other tax forms as answers to clear and concise questions. Your completed return will be reviewed for errors and unusual entries to catch any problems in advance. You don't have to pay for the service until you have completed it and are happy with it. You'll even get a confirmation of receipt from the IRS, something you can't get with snail mail. Finally, if you have a return coming, it can be direct deposited into your account within days instead of weeks.

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