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Irs Tax Refunds

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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IRS Tax Refunds History

Did you know that the IRS actually provided tax preparation services to taxpayers prior to around 1955? Imagine getting IRS tax refunds with the IRS doing all the work. All the taxpayer had to do was to bring the information to the local tax office, and the employees there would help them complete their forms. The problem was that IRS workers were not very well trained, and there were often costly mistakes on the returns they prepared. This led to complaints from consumers, and the IRS got out of the tax preparation business in a hurry.

Right around that time, Henry and Richard Bloch decided to open a business to do exactly what the IRS had been doing, only better. Soon, H & R Block was overwhelmed with customers. Their success prompted other financial institutions to get into the game with the end result that, twenty years later, millions of taxpayers were trekking to their storefronts and paying for their expert services.

Get IRS Tax Refunds Fast

In recent years, the Internet has become one of the most popular ways to prepare tax returns. This is because online preparation and filing are easy and fast. One of the best reasons to do tax returns online, however, is that the returns have been shown to exhibit far fewer errors than those done on paper.

Two of the most important advantages of doing your taxes online are related to refunds. Once you file your return online, you will get a confirmation of receipt directly from the IRS within a day or so. This means no wondering if yours was the return that got chewed up by the mail machine or lost in the bottom of the mail truck. Even better, if you elect the direct deposit option in your program, you will receive your IRS return within days rather than weeks.

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