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New York Income Tax

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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File New York Income Tax Online

As one of the states that levees an income tax, New York requires its citizens to file on the same dates as they file Federal taxes. Like many other states and the IRS, they recommend doing New York income taxes online this year. If you've never done your taxes on the Internet, you'll find that it will be a much more pleasant experience than doing your taxes on paper has ever been.

There are many reasons for this wonderful feeling you'll get while you're doing it and when you're done. For example, much of the grunt work is done for you by the program. Your basic responsibility is to gather your tax documents, including W2s, bank interest earned statements, mortgage interest paid statements, and documentation for your deductions, such as charitable donations.

New York Income Tax Tips

The New York State income tax website discusses the many options you have for efiling. You can file your return from home. You can also use the services of a tax professional who will efile it for you. Electronically filed tax returns have been proven to be more accurate than paper returns, and they can virtually guarantee a much faster return.

When you visit the New York tax website, you will find a list of approved software packages. If you owe taxes, filing online allows you to pay your tax by check or credit card. Look for a confirmation of receipt of your return and/or your payment. If you file online, remember to elect the direct deposit option for your refund. You'll have it back in days instead of weeks.

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