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Online Income Tax Form

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Find Your Online Income Tax Form

If you're a diehard paper person who needs to do your taxes in pen and ink, you can download the forms you need right from the Internet. You will, however, have the option of completing your return online, and it is well worth the amount of time it takes to give online tax preparation a try. Your online income tax form will look a little different if you go to an Internet tax preparation website, but, if you then print your form to mail it, it will look exactly like the forms you're used to seeing.

Obviously, one good place to get your income tax forms online is the IRS website. They offer both the forms and the instructions free of charge. The downside is that you may not be sure which form is the right one for you to use, especially if your financial situation is even slightly different this year.

Online Income Tax Forms and Websites

If you're confused about which forms to use, you'll be happy to know that an online tax preparation program will help you with that. Instead of wondering, you will be sure you're filling out the right form. They do this by asking you questions at every step of the preparation process, and, based on your responses, will enter the data into the correct forms and schedules.

You will find that these services are really affordable, and, in some cases, a basic form that you print out for mailing can even be free. Even with a free program, you'll be able to have confidence that you're filling out the right forms. You may find that, once you've experienced the ease and speed of the online tax filing process, you'll want to try e-filing which costs only a few dollars. You should also know that you can get your refund faster when you file online.

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