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Online Tax Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Online Tax Services Options

If you're considering doing your taxes online this year, you should review the online tax services that are available to you. They range from simple programs that walk you through the process to a review of your return by a live tax professional. In between, you will find some very sophisticated programs with virtual assistants that can help you every step of the way.

You also have the option of purchasing tax preparation software that will take you through the process of completing your return. You can then use the software to efile your taxes. Whichever method you select for your online tax preparation, you most likely be able to complete it is less time than you have ever completed a paper form. You will also be able to take a break in the process if you need to and will be able to come back to the same line on your form.

Online Tax Services Advantages

Having done my own taxes online for three years, I am a firm believer in the process. I like the fact that the program may alert me to a deduction for which I am eligible that I would never have thought to take. I also like the fact that online tax preparation services are so affordable. I even like the fact that, if I run into any problems, I can upgrade to the next level to get the help I need, all in the comfort of my own home.

Some of the other advantages of using online tax preparation services include a review of your return when it's completed. These reviews are one of the reasons that studies have already found online returns to have fewer errors than paper returns. If you efile, you'll even get a confirmation of receipt from the IRS within a day or so. Most vendors offer various types of guarantees. Finally, I really like the fact that I can choose direct deposit and receive my return in just a few days. If you owe a tax payment, you can do that online, too.

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