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Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Buy Online Tax Software

In addition to preparing your taxes online, you can also purchase software that will allow you to complete your return offline and then file online. If you're concerned about the security of the information you're entering into an online program, you may prefer to use this method. While most sites guarantee the security of your information, some people prefer to complete the process and then use the online filing option.

Several of the software packages you can purchase were created by and carry the name brands of major tax preparation companies. TaxCut(TM) is one of the most popular of these packages as is TurboTax, one of the first to offer online Federal tax software. Whichever tax software package you use, you should look for a great price.

Online Tax Software Options

You can also use online tax software directly online. Working online gives you the opportunity to interact with a live person through email or phone in most cases. Your return is secured with a PIN that you create. You can even take a break in the middle of your return and then go back to the same place later.

Doing you taxes online means that you will be offered a final review of your return before you submit it. These reviews look for unusual entries and, when you come back to do your taxes a second year, will also check for major deviations from the previous year's return. Finally, you will be able to elect a direct deposit for your refund or make an online payment of your taxes due.

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