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Quicken Turbo Tax

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Quicken Turbo Tax Software

Quicken Turbo Tax software will have you ready for tax time every year. With 20 years of experience in managing everyday finances, these programs help you to plan for the future and to have quick access to the data you need to prepare your return. That's because Quicken and Turbo Tax work together to download your financial information directly from you banks, your credit card companies, and your broker.

Because you use Quicken every day, your information is always up to date and accurate. Then, using Turbo Tax to complete your return is a breeze. The program works by asking you questions about your finances, including whether you use Quicken and want to import the necessary data. At every step of the way, you will have access to moneysaving advice, and, if you need to, you can even access the services of a tax professional.

Quicken Turbo Tax and Your Refund

By taking advantage of the advice you can get right online, you will be able to not only complete your current return, you can plan for the future, taking the right steps to minimize your taxes and maximize your refund next year. The program will also review your responses along the way and when you are done to make sure that you have taken advantage of every possible deduction.

When you've completed your return, they offer a Federal review, at no extra charge, so that you will know immediately if you have to make any changes. Once the review is done, you'll be ready to file your return. The IRS guarantees a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours. If you have elected the direct deposit option for your refund, it will be in your bank in just a few days. Then you can take your vacation.

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