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Rapid Refund

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Rapid Refund Online Options

While advertising a rapid refund has become commonplace, you will find that some of the local tax preparation companies you can choose may not mean what you think they mean. In some cases, what you're getting is a loan against the expected amount of your tax refund. In addition to paying for the services of the tax preparer, you will also pay a fee for the loan. This can get pretty costly and may not get you your refund as fast as possible.

You do have another option. When you file your taxes online, there is no loan involved. That means that, when you pay for the tax preparation services, that's all you pay. (This does not include taxes you may owe to the Federal government or to your state.) There are no hidden charges with online filing. You will get your return much faster, but you will be getting it directly from the IRS.

The Real Rapid Refund Process

The best way to get your refund fast is to do your tax return online. As soon as it's completed, you'll get a notification of receipt from the IRS. If you have elected the direct deposit option, your refund will be there quickly, usually in just a few days. Obviously, if you're desperate for the refund money (And who doesn't need money fast every now and then?), getting your money the same day may be worth the $100 or so it can cost you. The choice is yours.

If, however, you can wait a few days, it certainly makes sense to do so. That way, you'll be in charge of your entire refund and can spend it on a lavish vacation or save it in the kids' college fund. You will decide what to do with it. Filing your taxes online is the best and least expensive way to get your refund in the shortest amount of time.

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