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Tax Act Online

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Tax Act Online Filing

Tax Act Online is a very inexpensive way to prepare your tax return this year. Offering their standard edition free if you prepare and print your return for mailing, they also offer the option to e-file for a fee of $7.95. Adding your state tax form to the package costs an additional $7.95.

TaxAct's deluxe edition can import your data from your 2002 return, and it e-files your 2003 return free. In addition, with this level of service the software designers include an accuracy guarantee. Both levels of service will walk you through the process by asking questions, and both will also keep you up to date with any applicable tax law changes.

Advantages of Online Filing

Tax Act online filing offers you the same advantages of many of the other tax programs. These include getting your return done quickly, often in under an hour. Knowing that you have the support of the program gives you confidence that you won't forget any step that might save you money. You can also enjoy the convenience of preparing your return in the comfort of your own home.

You can print out your completed form and simply mail it, or, if you prefer getting a faster refund or making your payment faster, you can e-file in just a few seconds. The IRS will send you a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours which is a definite improvement over not knowing whether they even got your form. If you do choose to e-file, you can elect the direct deposit option and get your refund within a few days.

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