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Tax E File

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The Tax E File Option

For decades, people who tried to do their own taxes really were doing it alone. That was before the tax E file option became available. Now, instead of sitting at a table or desk surrounded by piles of paper and trying to make sense of each line on a tax return, you can enjoy the luxury of answering a few simple questions on a computer screen.

The questions are, in fact, designed to make the process as easy as possible. They are even geared to helping you get the largest refund available or to pay the least amount in taxes. Even better, they may help you to discover deductions you didn't know you could take. While the government is constantly trying to make their forms more user friendly, keeping up with the changes and understanding all the details may not be possible.

Using Tax E File

I've been filing my taxes electronically for three years, and I've been very happy with both the process and the results. It just seems to make great sense to use a process that makes an onerous task so much easier and faster. On top of everything else, when you do your taxes online for the second time, the vendor will check your new return to see if it deviates significantly from the first one and will ask you questions designed to make sure you haven't made an error in your calculations or forgotten a vital piece of information.

The end result is that you basically have a partner who will help you to have as good an experience as filing a tax return can be. You can usually get all of this for a very reasonable price, and, at some sites, you can even deduct the cost of your tax preparation from your expected refund. By the way, you will get your refund much faster than you can imagine. The IRS will confirm that they received your return, often within 24 hours, and your direct deposit or check will be on its way soon after.

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