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Tax Filing Online

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Tax Filing Online Advantages

There are a lot of reasons to consider tax filing online this year. After all, 53 million people did it last year, and many more are expected to follow suit by April 15th. Let's talk about why it just makes sense to file your taxes online.

First, online programs and/or tax preparation software that allows you to file online, offer you the kind of support you need when you have questions or concerns about whether you're doing it right. Second, filing your taxes online is affordable with prices starting under $30. Third, your tax filing program will guide you through each step of your return and may even find you deductions you didn't know you could take.

Try Tax Filing Online This Year

If you live in a state that levies its own income tax, you'll be especially delighted with online filing. It virtually saves you time and money by exporting your Federal data to your state form if you so desire. Most online tax preparation companies offer the option of doing your state form at a reduced rate.

If you try online tax filing, you'll find that the process is fast, easier than doing it on paper, and secure. The IRS guarantees it. In fact, the IRS has sent out millions of brochures encouraging taxpayers to take advantage of this powerful new Internet tool. Finally, the best advantage of all. If you have a refund coming and elect the direct deposit option, you'll have your money in just a few days rather than weeks.

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