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Written by Kathleen Gagne
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TaxAct Online Options

TaxAct software is a program you can use to prepare your taxes either online or with a free download. If you have plenty of time to submit your return, the free download is great. With it, you get all of the most commonly used Federal forms, and you can print out your return and mail it with no charge for the software.

The other option offered by this software company is that you can actually prepare your return online following its simple instructions. When you've completed your return, you can choose to print it out and mail it or, for a very low fee, you can enjoy the advantages of an e-file. If your return is a complicated one, you will have access to additional forms, or you can buy their Ultimate Bundle (TM) and even get expert tax help.

Using Online Software

The IRS reports that 53 million taxpayers chose to e-file their returns last year. That number is expected to increase this year as more people learn about the ease, speed, and security they can experience with online tax filing. With TaxAct software, you will be guided through the preparation process. In fact, like many of those 53 million, you may find more legitimate deductions than you thought you could take.

The entire online tax preparation industry is geared to making sure you get the best refund possible or pay the lowest legal amount of taxes. This said, once your return is completed, you are usually offered a review by the program. The review looks for unusual entries and errors and can save you time and money by helping you to avoid the delays caused by incorrectly completed returns. One more thing; you can elect direct deposit for your refund so that you will get it in days rather than weeks.

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