Download Ventrilo

Written by Jill Morrison
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Download Ventrilo and you can combine voice and visual communication on the Internet. Ventrilo is a VOIP, Voice Over Internet Provider service. You can essentially share any information that you normally would online, nut also talk to the recipient in the process.

Download Ventrilo Options

When you download Ventrilo, you can choose between a private or public server. Businesses are most likely to use a private server for added security. Households are more likely to use a public server, especially for online gaming.

Ventrilo is currently the best of all available voice servers. You can chat with up to 50 people at one time with Ventrilo. The service will help you to communicate more effectively when using the Internet and it will not tie up your phone line in the process.

A business will download Ventrilo to converse with colleagues and to use as a conference calling tool. Online gaming has increased in popularity with the development of voice servers. Ventrilo allows you to converse with friends and opponents while playing online video games.

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