Formatting Software

Written by Michael O'Brien
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With formatting software you can create documents as easily as speaking into a tape recorder. In this case, a tape recorder which transcribes, formats, and edits is available. All you have to do with the digital recorder is upload the data into the computer. The software will transcribe it.

Formatting Software: The New Office Staple

Stenographers and shorthand receptionists may soon be outmoded with this software. Anyone possessing the technology will be able to easily dictate, edit and format documents. It's as automatic as talking out loud to yourself. As you think out loud, your ideas are recorded.

Formatting software heightens the efficiency of offices a thousand fold. No longer does the boss have to dictate to a secretary who takes shorthand, then returns to her desk to transcribe. Now, the boss can wear a wireless headset. He doesn't even have to be at his office. He could be in his car as he dictates directly into a lap top computer. He can use the formatting software to design the document as it suits him, all with the sound of his voice.

Technology More Available

This technology makes the computer and Internet available to more people. People with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or polio, whose hands are affected painfully, can now navigate easily around their computer. People who are blind can now access any document on a computer through the sound of voice. They can even have their email read back to them by the computer.

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