Game Server Voice

Written by Jill Morrison
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Game server voice services allow you to communicate verbally online while playing video games. There are many different services to choose from such as Roger Wilco, Teamspeak, and Game Voice. However, Ventrilo is the best option for this feature.

Game Server Voice Service Options

A game server voice service will allow you to converse verbally with players in multiplayer online games. You can chat with friends and talk strategy with teammates. Many also like to taunt opponents with this service.

You can purchase a headset so that your hands will be free to play the game. With a game server voice program, you will not need to tie up your phone line in order to talk to friends. It also allows for you to talk to many players at once.

Ventrilo is the best option for game servers with voice communication. It provides high-quality audio with many added feature that other programs do not have. Ventrilo also allows you to chat with up to 50 people at one time if desired.

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