Hands Free

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Most people love hands free technology. Vocal interface means you can do what you like. You can move around, work out on the treadmill, stretch, eat, organize, or anything else you may prefer over being bogged down at a desk. I, like most people, prefer nearly anything to sitting and staring at a computer screen all day.

Typing Faster than Ever

With a hands free wireless headset and voice recognition program, you can do all of your computer business without touching a keyboard. Some voice recognition software can type up to 160 minutes. That's twice as efficient as most humans are capable of, and there will be far fewer mistakes when a computer is doing the typing due to adaptive voice recognition and statistically based contextual algorithmic calculations.

Hands Free and Me

If I'm at a desk for more than a half hour, I'm a mess. When I have long bouts of computer work, I have to close my eyes, stretch my neck and arms, and breathe deeply just to get through it. I'd rather do anything else than sit. My hands get tired and my eyes become strained.

With hands free technology, I would be able to get on the treadmill to compose email. The only thing that would make work easier is if someone else did it for me. Luckily, with this kind of voice recognition technology at someone's disposal, the next best thing is possible.

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