Written by Michael O'Brien
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iListen is the Mac version of voice recognition software. Voice recognition technology is the greatest thing since sliced bread to me. Wait, make that the wheel. It's similar to the wheel in that it gets you where you're going a lot more quickly and smoothly. No longer does someone have to sit at the computer for hours to correct his or her typing.

I Came, I Saw, iListen

iListen provides an easy way to use text in your applications. You just dictate what you want to have written and the software does the rest. It's hard to get easier than that. It saves a lot of wear and tear on the fingers and arms as well which is important today.

With hands free technology the user doesn't have to sit at a computer at all. You're free to walk around or even work out while you're doing business. It's not unlike talking on the phone. That is, if someone on the other end of the line were typing everything you're saying. You're free from the keyboard and mouse. Save your arm muscles for more important things like racquetball.

Type Faster Than Ever

Programs like iListen can recognize speech at up to 160 words per minute. Understand that a really fast typing pace for people is 80 words per minute. Instantly, typing gets done twice as fast. That means work is done more quickly and you have more time to play.

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