Ip Ventrilo

Written by Jill Morrison
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IP Ventrilo is a service that combines data and voice communication. After downloading the software, you will simply need an internet connection and a VOIP phone or headset to chat verbally. Ventrilo will allow you to share information online visually and verbally at the same time.

IP Ventrilo Qualities

IP Ventrilo can be used in businesses, households, and for online gaming. It is the perfect direct communication tool so that you can be more productive with your time at the computer. Ventrilo cuts time in half because you will not have to wait for phone calls and e-mails to be received and returned in order to share information.

IP Ventrilo is most commonly used in business settings. It will allow you to share data and discuss ideas at the same time with other colleagues. Ventrilo is an excellent tool for conference calling as well because you can converse with up to 50 people at one time with the service.

Ventrilo can also be used during multiplayer online video games. It will allow you to chat with friends before, during, and after each online game. You can also use the service to strategize with teammates and to taunt opponents.

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